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Riding from the inside out

I’ve been practicing loving myself, falling in love with myself everyday is a very hard task for me, some days are easier than others. Some days I really feel beautiful, strong, intelligent, and of course, everything flows perfectly. But other days, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror without focusing on a wrinkle, on my hips, or on my hair that is a mess, and of course, that day doesn’t go as well as I expected. What I have forgotten, is that how I feel inside of me is what I will see outside, what I haven’t forgiven will be chasing me in so many forms and what I have stored from my past will show up in my future. But, how can I love myself unconditionally? How can I fall in love with myself everyday of my life? How can I remember that I am the master of my life and not just a victim of it? How can I learn how to ride this life in a better way? As I work with all the spiritual tools and teachings that life brought to me, while I am in the process of accessing to my power and learning how to use it, I am starting to understand that is all about acceptance; accepting that some days will be better than others, accepting that I will not have all the answers. And it’s when I accept that, that I can surrender to the experience of loving or not loving myself unconditionally, of recreating my past in some many ways until I learn the lesson or manifesting something different, of becoming more aware of what I experience in every moment so I can discover what I have inside... only then, is when I can embrace my own power to change my life or not.

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