Food for the Soul

How do you start your day? For most of us, the first thing that we do in the morning is look at our phones, I did this for years, until I noticed that this wasn't helping me, on the contrary, I was missing out that sacred morning routine with myself, those moments that will dictate the course of the day, so here I will share a few things that I do every morning that really changed my life!

- Awareness, as you wake up just feel your breath coming in and out, I like to repeat silently: I inhale loving awareness, I exhale faith.

- Gratitude, just say Thank You for a new day. You can't imagine how powerful this practice can be.

- Stretch your arms and legs! Your body will thank you for this.

- After standing up and going to the bathroom, sit comfortably and take 5 min of meditation, just following your inhale and exhale, simple but powerful. (you can increase the time little by little)

- Now you can check your phone!

As you incorporate this into your life, and maybe add a few things that work for you (be creative, explore), you will experience your mornings in a more magical and unique way and begin your day with a different attitude. Try it!

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