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How heavy is your baggage?

Most of the time we carry so much weight on our backs, we carry so many fears, memories, people that hurt us and we can't forgive, situations that didn't work out as we wish, belief systems that are not useful to us anymore, dreams that we think are hard to accomplish, family stuff, etc, etc.

I could write thousands of pages with all the things that we carry, and the funny part is that we don't even notice that we carry that baggage, and as we get older, it gets heavier and heavier, until we cannot move forward anymore, feeling stuck, unmotivated, angry or sad.

In my experience, the only way out, is having the courage to look inside that baggage, to face those thoughts that are driving us crazy, to feel those emotions that we have refused to feel, to forgive our mistakes and other's mistakes, to accept the part of ourselves that we want to hide, to make peace with ourselves.

Seeking the support of someone is very important, but most important is the support that you give to yourself. Unconditional self love will take you to the end of the tunnel, with less to carry and with more space to receive what you really need in order to move forward, to live your life fully and to share your gifts with others from a place of love.

Take a moment every day to be quiet, to be still, to be with YOUSELF... just a few minutes a day will release a little bit more of weight, you deserve to be free...

With love,


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